Hair is all about confidence and trust. We believe the key to that is knowledge and training. Every single member of the Easton Regal team undertakes a course of personalised training. Whether home grown talent or qualified with previous experience, our team are technically and creatively assessed before they are let loose on our clients.

This period of training and fine tuning is tailored to each of our passionate hairdressers and ensures that every member of the team has the necessary skill set to provide the highest standard of hairdressing and taste level. We don’t believe in cloning our staff, we build on what they are good at and keep their individuality intact. With an industry reputation for training, Easton Regal is a name you can trust.

We teach and preach classical hairdressing skills in precision hair cutting, hairdressing and cosmetic hair colouring. Much like a musician or a chef is classically trained. We believe it is a mistake to only teach what is cool right now. With an understanding of the classics we can meet your hair needs and our reputation for good training is our gift back to the industry that we love so much.



Training grows quality.

Quality grows a high standard of service.

Service and standards grow trust.

And trust is everything when it comes to your hair.