Mr Easton & Mr Regal

The Co-Founders of the salon are both colleagues and old friends. Bryn Wilkins and James Kinnear met at Trevor Sorbie in nineties Covent Garden and have worked together ever since. Bryn and James are committed to the salon full time and the boys work tirelessly behind the scenes as engines, dedicated to make your time at the salon a Regal one.

James is our hair colour master whilst Bryn is the precision cutter. Together they technically complement each other and bring balance to the conceptual salon. They believe in an old school specialist approach to the personalised hairdressing experience.

Bryn and James searched for eighteen months for find the salon space they had always dreamed of.  They were looking to create something truly special and with no real interest in becoming hairdressing personalities, the salon has inclined more towards the fashion world. Mr Easton and Mr Regal are ambassadors for Clerkenwell and the reason Easton Regal has more of a client focus approach than your average salon.