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  • 6 Years Experience
  • Colour Technician

Grace's Prices

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The latest Easton Regal protégé, Grace is one of our home grown Technicians.  She has impeccable taste when it comes to colouring hair and is a true artist at free hand colour.  An in-depth consultation allows Grace to recommend the colours and techniques that will work for her client’s personality and lifestyle.

Grace loves going through the Instagram accounts of fashionistas and hairdressers all over the world. It has inspired her to grow creatively and have a real freedom with hair colour.

Grace is also a demon blow drier and is fast building a column of regular blow dry clients. She loves styling hair as much as colouring it. The highlight of her career so far has to be meeting Mary Portas when she popped in for one of Grace’s Power Blow dries.

Grace is great fun to spend time with and instantly makes you feel at ease, don’t worry though her main goal is to make you look and feel your very best.