Health Policy

Colour Testing

If you have had your hair coloured in a salon before, you are very unlikely to have a reaction to the colour products that we use in our salon. For this reason, we don’t perform a skin test on every new colour client to the salon.

However, if you have never had your hair coloured before and you have what we call in the trade ‘virgin hair’, we would insist on you having our simple skin test. This would involve you visiting the salon at least 24 hours before you wish to have the colour service done. A minute amount of colourant is then placed in a sensitive patch behind your ear, to test for any possible adverse reactions.

Whether you are a new or regular client of the salon, you may request a skin test at any time; it takes no time at all and no appointment is necessary.



It is perfectly normal to have concerns about the use of hair colourants when you fall pregnant. Our advice to pregnant women is that if you as an individual are worried about colouring your hair, for any reason, then don’t do it.

However, there is no hard scientific evidence that hair colouring whilst pregnant involves any health risks. The general advice is to avoid hair colouring in the first trimester, when the most development occurs. It is not our policy to ask each client if they are or may be pregnant before commencing a colour service, but it is wise to mention it if you know that you are.

The companies which produce the products for perms and permanent blow-dries advise against use of their products whilst pregnant, as hormones can effect the performance of the product. There is also a theory that a small amount of the product may enter the mother’s blood stream and be carried to the baby, which is yet to be proven but we would prefer not to take any risks and would advise against using these products.



To deliver the best service to our clients, we use both organic and cosmetic hair products, colours and skin care ranges. Please inform us of any allergies you may have to any natural or synthetic ingredients before your service. Some of them may be found in the products we use. Nature is a powerful force, and surprisingly, organic products can occasionally result in allergic reactions, as can the professional and cosmetic ranges we use. If unsure, please speak to one of the team as we would not want to compromise your comfort during or after your visit.